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Claude Illustration

I was named after my grandpa Claude, & I felt it appropriate to name this route after him too. With a post-grad in Family Psychology, I have no training whatsoever & have always simply practiced my hand at this lively, delicate medium.

Coming from a motor-centered family, I started painting vintage motorcycles as a nod to my father. The pieces took to the Instagram stage & the rest is history as they say.

Who knew a delicately feminine medium could so well portray a classically hard medium subject.

I was born & raised in the Eastern Free State, but earned my wings at Stellenbosch University. I never knew when I would be able to pursue art in such a full capacity, and when the opportunity presented itself in the coat of job disappointment, I took it with nothing to lose. Fast forward past many incredible clients, friends made, international exhibitions, to my settling season. I married the love of my life & moved to the Karoo, where we were also gifted with our incredible twin daughters. Our lives are filled with much paint & more leather as we navigate this new season with our leather company's start too.

Being a minimalist at heart, I find making use of much white space is calming & lends itself to timelessness. My pieces are riddled with meticulous detail, and surrounded by nothing but white silence to give the viewer moments to take it all in without feeling overwhelmed.

Old fashioned elbow grease. I'll start with a sketch to make sure I capture all the proportions & details. The better the sketch, the better the finished product for me. I then start laying the various colours, trying to capture light & life from the subject. Lastly I'll do intense detailing.

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